Outreach & Engagement

Outreach in the Dominican Republic

I truly love working in the Dominican Republic and am grateful to work with so many wonderful people and organizations striving to protect its native biodiversity, including the National Museum of Natural History of Santo Domingo and the conservation group Grupo Jaragua. As an outside scientist, these organizations have provided me an opportunity to engage communities in the Dominican Republic.

Listen to a podcast about the solenodon featuring local conservationists by undergraduate student Laura Cussen!

Outreach in the US

Please visit my teaching and policy pages to learn more about my work with global change communication.

Podcasts from Bio 128 Class

Local Story Mapping: Global Change in Pescadero, CA

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.56.13 PM

The town of Pescadero, California is one place where residents are seeing these changes everyday in the form of drought, changing temperatures, more mosquitoes, and increased contact with wildlife. The town’s focus on farming and its coastal setting put it on the front lines of global change. Although we are scientists, we used news articles and the observations of students at Pescadero Elementary School from the Pescadero Family Science Night to make this map. As scientists, we find that the observations of elementary school students agree with the scientific trends we have witnessed: losses in biodiversity, a changing climate, mountain lion movement changes, and even yes, more mosquitoes. Sustainable farming practices are making Pescadero a leader in responding to global changes.