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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate research drives our lab! We are delighted that you are interested in joining us. Please read on to learn about ways we can collaborate.

You may participate in ongoing research projects in the HEDGE lab or you may initiate your own independent project. For example, while we work mostly on mammals, we are happy to support students interested in other taxa if they have complementary areas of expertise. Keep in mind that funding may constrain what projects are feasible outside of existing research programs. Biology projects may be purely modern, purely paleontological, or a mix of the two. Let’s be creative!

Students may enroll in BIOL 0500/0700 for independent study credit, or BIOL 0701 to carry out an independent thesis. Students interested in pursuing a thesis typically require at least one year or more of a commitment to the lab to adequately collect data, particularly given the demands and uncertainties of field work. We fully support students in publishing their work and sharing it with broader audiences.

***Please contact with a copy of your CV and a description of your interests as they relate to the HEDGE lab as a first step*** Check out this relevant post for some guidance when planning to contact a PI.


We are always looking for students with backgrounds in geology to help us better contextualize our biological research, particularly those with interests in Quaternary sediments, taphonomy, and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. We work with asphalt seeps/ hydrocarbon-bearing sediments in California and Trinidad, and limestone karst caves in the Dominican Republic. Please contact me for summer research opportunities at the La Brea Tar Pits of Los Angeles.


Conservation is an interdisciplinary endeavor. We welcome the perspectives and expertise from the social sciences and humanities, particularly in bridging the research-application gap. We are also always interested in improving our outreach and communication approaches, particularly in bringing the arts into endeavors such as museum exhibits and children’s books.

Postdoctoral Scholars

While Middlebury does not have a graduate program, postdoctoral scholars interested in pursuing careers at liberal arts colleges, gaining teaching experience, and mentoring rigorous undergraduate research are welcome. Postdocs could be co-advised with colleagues at research-intensive universities to facilitate training opportunities outside of the HEDGE lab.

Opportunities will be posted here soon! However, we are happy to work with prospective postdocs in developing applications for the following opportunities as they relate to our lab interests, with an emphasis on teaching and mentorship of undergraduates. We are also happy to consider other opportunities not listed here.

High School Students and Teachers

Students. The HEDGE lab welcomes interested high school students to reach out about summer opportunities. In the past we have facilitated student projects for local science fairs and the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF). High school students will be mentored directly by Middlebury undergraduates in the lab. More information on the Vermont STEM Fair can be found here. We are particularly interested in supporting students who have not participated in a science fair before.

Teachers. Studies show that teacher research experience can improve high school science teaching. We invite local high school teachers to inquire about participating in ongoing summer research projects. Please also see the Society for Science & the Public Advocate Program for funding opportunities.

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