Alexis Mychajliw

investigating the past, present, and future of island mammals. and ones with wiggly noses, too.

Hi there! I’m Alexis.

I am a 4th year PhD candidate and member of the Hadly Lab in the Department of Biology at Stanford University.

I am interested in the evolution and conservation of mammalian diversity, with an emphasis on small mammals and human-animal interactions. I take an interdisciplinary approach to address basic questions about extinction using techniques from paleontology, phylogenetics, ecology, and genetics. I use these lessons from the past to contextualize modern populations and to provide alternative baselines for management efforts in the future.

Current projects include understanding selective extinction dynamics of Caribbean mammals, fecal metabarcoding to elucidate solenodon diet, stable isotope ecology of native vs invasive mammals, and reconstruction of extinction drivers across Late Quaternary South America.

I am also committed to disseminating this scientific knowledge through outreach in the Dominican Republic and by teaching undergraduate courses. I strive to include local communities wherever possible at all stages of my research.

In the News




Our excavations in Parque Nacional Jaragua, with Siobhan Cooke, Juan Almonte, and Gerson Feliz featured in the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre. Great interview by Siobhan on the importance of understanding extinct species!





Our paper as part of a North and South American working group on megafauna extinction received widespread media attention including Science News, Reuters, and IFLS Science.