HEDGE lab research relies heavily on natural history collections, and we view such collections as important community engagement opportunities. In the next year, we will be working to digitize and curate Middlebury College’s vertebrate specimens from the state of Vermont. The collection includes bird skins, eggs, and taxidermic mounts dating to the late 1800s, as well as a Passenger Pigeon. Mammal skins and skeletons date to the mid 1900s and represent every mammal family in the region. Lastly, there are fish, reptiles, and amphibians from Lake Champlain.

In the coming months, members of the HEDGE lab will be working to revitalize the collection and begin historical ecology research projects. We hope to continue building the collection through partnerships with local hunting and trapping associations.

More information can be found on the Biology Department website.

MuseumWorks Intern Sylvie Lyu’s poster about digitizing and studying our bird collections!

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