Teaching Awards

  • Biosciences Excellence in Teaching Award, Stanford School of Medicine
  • Norman K. Wessells Award for Outstanding Teaching, Stanford Department of Biology
  • Departmental Excellence in Teaching Award, Stanford Department of Biology
  • Community Engaged Learning and Research Course Grant Award, Haas Center ($4,045)


Courses Taught

Instructor of Record, Stanford University

Bio 128.           Geographic Impacts of Global Change: Mapping the Stories. (2 quarters, 2014; 2015)


Instructor of record, co-developer of course, with community partners at Governor’s                               Office of California and White House National Security Council. Documents and                                            course products, including ArcGIS Story Maps, publicly available:                                                          http://www.mappingglobalchange.org


Teaching Assistant, Stanford University

Bio 43.              Ecology, Evolution & Plant Biology. (1 quarter; 2014)

Bio 101.            Ecology. (1 quarter; 2013)


Teaching Assistant, Cornell University

BioMG 1250.    Personal Genomics & Medicine. (2 semesters; 2011, 2012)

BioSM 1780.     Evolution & Marine Diversity. (intensive field course, 4 weeks; 2012)

BioEE 2740.      Vertebrates: Structure, Function, Evolution. (2 semesters; 2010, 2012)

BioEE 2780.      Evolutionary Biology. (3 semesters; 2009, 2010)


Guest Lectures

Institute for Field Research

ARCH 300K      Introduction to Paleoecology; Conservation and Rancho La Brea Research (2018)

Developed full-day, hands-on “Sediment Grain Analysis” lab activity


University of Southern California

CORE 103        La Brea Tar Pits: A Window into the Past and a Guide for the Future (2017-8)


La Brea Tar Pits & Museum – Docent Training

Paleoecology, Research at La Brea, Natural Selection, Adaptation (bi-annually)